Question about Freeradius for mobile device authentication

Jasper Jans jjans at
Thu Jul 7 09:29:33 CEST 2005


I've been asked to setup a platform for mobile device authentication.
I'm looking into setting up Freeradius with a MySQL backend for this.
The request that has been been is to verify users on three items:
 - msisdn
 - username
 - password

My question is - can this authentication be done in different ways
for different groups of users. Say group A wants the unique combination
of msisdn, username, password to grant them access - however group
B wants a pool of msisdns that are valid for all of their username +
password combinations.

If someone could be so kind as to maybe give an example of how to do
this it would be greatly appreciated.


 - Jasper

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