Question about Freeradius for mobile device authentication

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Thu Jul 7 09:50:37 CEST 2005

Well, I can tell you what/how we do this here.

We have a wireless setup. I have 5 pops around town.

We use Mikrotik 532s or 512s or Defactowireless Wrap2 boards.

We use Freeradius with MySql

The routers allows 6 different ways to authenticate

With In board Radius or remote, MAC address,
PAP or CHAP. or by Cookie and a couple others.

We use remote radius/MAC/Chap/Cookie, it will look at all four
one right after the other.

We set up a the IPs of the routers around town to be allowed
to send requests to the radius box.

Anyone that connects to the service that is not pre programed in the
router is prompted by redirect to a login page.

This authenticates with our radius box.

We have several construction people that have wireless bridges in their
trucks and when they get to a site, plug in/ log in and surf.

Jasper Jans wrote:

>I've been asked to setup a platform for mobile device authentication.
>I'm looking into setting up Freeradius with a MySQL backend for this.
>The request that has been been is to verify users on three items:
> - msisdn
> - username
> - password
>My question is - can this authentication be done in different ways
>for different groups of users. Say group A wants the unique combination
>of msisdn, username, password to grant them access - however group
>B wants a pool of msisdns that are valid for all of their username +
>password combinations.
>If someone could be so kind as to maybe give an example of how to do
>this it would be greatly appreciated.
> - Jasper
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