Chap password failing with Cisco

Brent Smith brentwsmith at
Sat Jul 9 00:33:05 CEST 2005

On 7/1/05, Stefan.Neis at <Stefan.Neis at> wrote:
> Brent Smith schrieb:
> > I am trying to get freeradius to authenticate chap for a
> > ISDN backup call on a cisco. I am running version 1.0.1.
> > I am in control of server and clients, so I know the
> > passwords match, but the logs say they do not.
> IIRC earlier 1.0.x releases have problems with MD5 (and
> this CHAP) an some hardware (e.g. 64-bit (like AMD-64)
> or big-endian (like SPARC) processors), so if you're running
> one of those, an update might be helpful. Search the mailing
> list archives for details...

I am not running on any of those platforms, but I upgraded to 1.0.4
with the same result.

> Also, if all is fine in that respect, your paket seems to contain
> CHAP-Password only, no "CHAP-Challenge". IIRC, there's
> a rule on how to automatically derive a CHAP-Challenge
> from the rest of the RADIUS paket, but I have no idea how
> well this is supported by server and various clients, so
> maybe there some problem hidden there?
>         Regards,
>                      Stefan

There has to be other users out there who are using chap with Ciscos. Anyone?

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