Problems authenticating and assigning DHCP addresses

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On Sat, Jul 09, 2005 at 06:21:37PM -0400, Zoltan A. Ori wrote:
> On Saturday 09 July 2005 16:45, jck-freeradius at wrote:
> > My first question is:
> >
> > 	How do I tie all of this together with a DHCPd server, so that they
> > 	authenticated clients can be assigned an IP address.  I am using
> > 	VLAN tunnel attributes so that, when DHCP support /is/ implemented, I
> > 	can assign different IP addresses with different access privileges.
> >
> > 	How can I implement a DHCPd server into my configuration?
> >
> Since you are using VLANs and want different IP ranges for different access 
> privileges, I would suggest you use Q-Trunks if your network equipment 

We currently do dot-Q trunking of VLANS, and my testing AP has been setup
to support the configuration.  Let me know if you are referring to
something else.

> permits. Build a DHCP scope for each VLAN address range, then assign the 

By scope, yes, we have a ISC DHCPd server setup to give out DHCP IP
addresses, based on VLAN DHCP request.

> gateway and helper address to each virtual interface of the trunks on your 
> router. This has nothing to do with RADIUS and should be covered in your 
> router, switch and access point manuals. 

I was under the impression that if my TCP/IP stach was setup for DHCP,
and I received an Access-Accept packet from FreeRadius, that my supplicant
would go out and request an IP address.  Is this not correct?  It is not
working for me.

In addition, I also am wondering why I can only use "Attribute=Password" for
 successful authentication, and not "Attribute=Crypt-Password".  Crypt-Password
works fine when tested through radtest.

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