Problems authenticating and assigning DHCP addresses

Zoltan A. Ori z.ori at
Sun Jul 10 01:01:10 CEST 2005

On Saturday 09 July 2005 18:36, jck-freeradius at wrote:

> We currently do dot-Q trunking of VLANS, and my testing AP has been setup
> to support the configuration.  Let me know if you are referring to
> something else.

That is what I meant.

> I was under the impression that if my TCP/IP stach was setup for DHCP,
> and I received an Access-Accept packet from FreeRadius, that my supplicant
> would go out and request an IP address.  Is this not correct?  It is not
> working for me.

It should work that way. Is the DHCP request getting relayed properly? tcpdump 
or Ethereal will tell you.

> In addition, I also am wondering why I can only use "Attribute=Password"
> for successful authentication, and not "Attribute=Crypt-Password". 
> Crypt-Password works fine when tested through radtest.

As far as I know, PEAP doesn't support crypt passwords. Try TTLS. 

Zoltan ori

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