Password == "bla%1" (shooting into my foot)

Guy Davies Guy.Davies at
Thu Jul 14 16:56:22 CEST 2005

Hi Stefan,

I also saw this.  The escape character is \.

Special characters I would think of are !, #, *, ?, ^, $, &, % and
(obviously) \.  There may well be others.



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> hello,
> trying to get freeradius working (again) I figured out a 
> strange behaviour:
> Authentication with CHAP as my testaccount failed until I 
> tried it with PAP first. After one (or more) successful 
> authentifications with PAP CHAP works.
> It took some time until I figured out that my password 
> contained a % and the daemon tried some variable substitution.
> don't do this!
> How do I escape special chars in the users file and what 
> characters are special?
> Stefan
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