Question on sql.conf -> accounting_start_query <-> accounting_start_query_alt

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Tue Jul 26 14:39:12 CEST 2005

Andreas Engler wrote:

> So now for me remains in which case won't an Insert work but the 
> alternate Update, or what for is accounting_start_query_alt.

INSERT may fail if your SQL schema defines a unique index to prevent
insertion of duplicate accounting records.

With MySQL 4.1 you could use the ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause
instead of an accounting_start_query_alt query.

mysql> INSERT INTO radacct [...] ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE [...];

> Another question a little bit of another topic. In may you wrote, that 
> the functions of radsqlrelay will  be an integral part of an next 
> freeradius version. You talked about a few weeks here "radius server and 
> sql server  
> <>". 
> Ok it belongs to cvs head. Could you tell me the stand of development or 
> where i can find the information?

You'll find manpages in the CVS head. Please read rlm_sql_log(5)
and radsqlrelay(8).

Nicolas Baradakis

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