adding user-name to post-proxy logs

Tariq Rashid tariq.rashid at
Thu Jul 28 12:40:06 CEST 2005

hi - i'm logging the pre-proxy and post-proxy logs. this works fine. 

the proxy-logs show the user-name (and password attribute) and that is fine.
however the post-proxy logs don't contain the user-name because the reply
from the backend radius server doesn't necessarily send the username as an
attribute in the reply packet.

since the state must be maintained in the freeradius  proxy - is it possible
to add it to the logs so that troubleshooting is easier? currently i have to
match the timestamps.

if i wrote the pre- and post- proxy logs to the same file i am guessing that
the send-receive won't neccesarily be consecutive in the logs (like they are
in other single-threaded servers!)


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