Cannot create more than one certificate

Jefri bin Dahari jeff at
Thu Jun 2 04:46:18 CEST 2005

Thanks Alan for the feedback. If you or somebody from this list can give me 
a lead or link on how to edit the source code to have multiple certificate, 
I would highly appreciate.


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> "Jefri bin Dahari" <jeff at> wrote:
>> I try to implement EAP/TLS for network users in company I work.
>> Authentication is works only for one certificate. When I create a second
>> certificate and concatenate with the first certificate using 'cat', both
>> certificates does not work . The error it gives is shown below (error is 
>> in
>> the last line),
>  The server supports only one server certificate.  To use more than
> one, you would have to edit the source code to choose which
> certificate to use, rather than "cat"ing them together.
>  Alan DeKok.
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