Authenticate/Attributes based on NAS-IP-Address

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Extend the MySQL schema and change the SQL queries in sql.conf to do what
you want.  You could extend by HuntGroup, NAS-IP, Client-IP, whatever.  See
my previous post to this list archived here:



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Actually I already have two running FreeRADIUS servers with SQL. That
isn't the hard part. The problem with your instructions is that I'm not
using ippool to assign dynamic IPs, our NASes are doing that (Portmaster
2/3). I don't have a problem setting up static IPs either, as we have
several Dial-Up users who need those also. The problem lies in that I
want to use the RADIUS server for PPPoE authentication also. But I want
to allow users who log in through PPPoE to also be able to log in
regularly(Dial-Up), when their PPPoE isn't logged in. BUT, when they log
in through PPPoE, I want them to be assigned a static IP, when they
login via Portmasters/Dial-Up, then they don't get the static IP, they
get a regular dynamic one.
Basically if a user logs in through NAS1, they are assigned X attributes
with dynamic IP, if they log in through NAS2, they are assigned Y
attributes with a static IP. And all this needs to be done in MySQL,
that way my own PHP frontend(which I intend to release GPL) can work
with it. Also I think MySQL scales better.


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