Authenticate/Attributes based on NAS-IP-Address

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That link doesn't give me anything. Page Not Found. I've done a lot of 
searching through the archives though and haven't really found anything 
like this.


Mike Lampson wrote:

>Extend the MySQL schema and change the SQL queries in sql.conf to do what
>you want.  You could extend by HuntGroup, NAS-IP, Client-IP, whatever.  See
>my previous post to this list archived here:
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>Actually I already have two running FreeRADIUS servers with SQL. That
>isn't the hard part. The problem with your instructions is that I'm not
>using ippool to assign dynamic IPs, our NASes are doing that (Portmaster
>2/3). I don't have a problem setting up static IPs either, as we have
>several Dial-Up users who need those also. The problem lies in that I
>want to use the RADIUS server for PPPoE authentication also. But I want
>to allow users who log in through PPPoE to also be able to log in
>regularly(Dial-Up), when their PPPoE isn't logged in. BUT, when they log
>in through PPPoE, I want them to be assigned a static IP, when they
>login via Portmasters/Dial-Up, then they don't get the static IP, they
>get a regular dynamic one.
>Basically if a user logs in through NAS1, they are assigned X attributes
>with dynamic IP, if they log in through NAS2, they are assigned Y
>attributes with a static IP. And all this needs to be done in MySQL,
>that way my own PHP frontend(which I intend to release GPL) can work
>with it. Also I think MySQL scales better.
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