Craig Huckabee huck at
Thu Jun 9 16:03:41 CEST 2005

Miguel Sennoun wrote:
> I would like to redirect all radius logs (even accounting).

Well, as I mentioned accounting isn't there yet unless someone else has 
done it.

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> Thank you for the extract of the radiusd.conf but in mine this section is
> not present. Even in the 1.0.3 conf files. So I added the section but I
> don't know if it is supported by my server.

I went back and looked - it is in the main CVS line but those changes 
were not pulled up for the release versions.  Looks like Alan checked in 
the syslog bits ~11 months ago, but I don't see where they made it up 
into a release version.  Could be missing the merge, though.

We run a build made from the CVS sources, and it works, so if that is an 
option for you then I'd suggest that.


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