FreeRadius and PostgreSQL configuration question

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You look wrong configurations.
That file you look is a Postgres connection config for freeradius.

I've ask for PostgreSQL database configuration which present in the
PostgreSQL configuration folder /var/lib/psql/data/


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> How much max_connections we should configure in a postgresql.conf

[DLS >] I can't find this setting in the postgresql.conf file that I've
got, but it does appear in the /usr/share/pgsql/postgresql.conf.sample

I've checked 2 boxes one with 0.9.3 and the other with 1.0.2 installed
and in the /etc/raddb directory the postgresql.conf file does not
contain this setting.

Are you using the correct configuration file?

My freeRADIUS server uses postgreSQL for Authentication/Accounting fine
and the postgresql.conf file looks very similar to the sql.conf and
mssql.conf and nothing like the postgresql.conf.sample, and I don't use
the max_connections setting.



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