A question about Response-Packet-Type Attribute

Oleg Kravtsov oleg_box at mail.ru
Wed Jun 22 19:28:02 CEST 2005

Alan, thank you for the reply,
 >> I would like to tune RADIUS Server so that it sends particular set of
 >> RADIUS attributes depending on the outgoing packet type (Challenge or
 >> Accept).
 > The server doesn't really support that.

In this case I wonder if I can do something already available to solve 
the real problem (with Acct-Interim-Interval attribute).
I want it to be included ONLY into Access-Accept message, as this 
attribute can't present in Access-Challenge RADIUS message.

My example with Proxy-State attribute (not with Acct-Interim-Interval) 
was just because RADIUS Client does not discard packets with Proxy-State 


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