mysqld.sock path problem

Michael Griego mgriego at
Thu Jun 23 18:01:37 CEST 2005

Usually, applications just use whatever the installed libraries have for 
the default mysqld.sock location.  It would seem that you installed 
MySQL 4.1.12 from but you still have the distribution mysql 
libraries lying around.  The distro libraries are using 
/var/run/mysql/mysqld.sock while the libaries/binaries use 
/tmp/mysqld.sock by default.  You should probably uninstall the distro 
libraries if you're going to use the binaries.  FreeRADIUS 
seems to be linked against the distro libraries, which are likely older 
than the ones you got from


Michael Griego
Wireless LAN Project Manager
The University of Texas at Dallas

rashad wrote:
>>/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock is the usual location of that socket. Every
>>program that wants to connect to mysqld through socket will per default
>>use that one. I dunno why you set mysql to place the socket to
> /tmp/mysqld.sock.
> It's not my choice. Latest MySQL binary distribution ver. 4.1.12 uses
> /tmp/mysqld.sock as a default in all configuration files.
> Also in my old freeradius 1.0.2 installation also uses /tmp/mysqld.sock
>>What u could try is to set a symlink pointing to /tmp/mysqld.sock at
> /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock as workaround.
> I solved problem changing sock pid file path in /etc/my.cnf. I think the
> same must be configurable in freeradius.
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