How to? - use/configure winbind/ntlm_auth for Windows authentication

Pete Flynt peteflynt at
Mon May 30 16:00:51 CEST 2005


I'm trying to set up a FreeRadius solution for a Windows2k AD environnment.

The FreeRadius-server is already running right. I can authenticate a 
testuser with Auth-Type := EAP (username and password stored as cleartext in 
the users file)

Now I want to use FreeRadius to check username/password from the Active 
Directory Server when a user logs onto the computer.

I checked the list already. Some say to use ntlm_auth and winbind, others 
LDAP, then samba... but nobody is able to explain how to get it working.
Is it really as complicated?

ntlm_auth seems very simple, returnig 1 if user/pwd is alright and 0 when 
not. But how can I test this from the command line? Where do I specify the 
address of the AD-server? When running ntlm_auth -- usage there are too much 
parameters that are unknown to me.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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