Please resend this message to Kim Jones'

Jim Seymour jseymour at
Tue May 31 05:17:22 CEST 2005

"Christopher Bootland" <bootland at> wrote:
> Why is Kim Jones at SimplyNet (?) harvesting addresses on this mailing list? 
> I can't think of a valid reason why a third-party needs to know.  Does 
> anybody have any more information?

Most likely what's happening is he, or whomever at his old email
address, is running lame email software that's auto-responding to
traffic from the mailing list.  This is, more often than not, the fault
of Windows-based malware that doesn't know any better than to
auto-respond to "bulk" or "list" precedence messages, or to messages
not addressed directly to the recipient.  The "X-Mailer: <SMTP32
v8.05>" in his auto-responses suggests this is another such example.

The list owner needs to manually remove "kim at" from the
mailing list.


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