RADIUS stops responding after a while

Alan DeKok aland at nitros9.org
Fri Apr 7 07:52:30 CEST 2006

"Alex M" <radiussupport at lrcommunications.net> wrote:
> I've just went to my radius server and found out that it doesn't want to
> handle requests.. I restarted it in debug and it told me that SQL module is
> unknown.

  Who edited the config file since the last time the server started?

> So does any one knows what could cause such a behavior (not accepting
> requests, due to module malfunction) and more importantly is there any way
> to monitor the server functionality? Let's say something like send testing
> request each 30min or something and if server doesn't reply send email
> notification?

  It should be trivial to write a shell script to do that.

  Alan DeKok.

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