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Sat Apr 8 09:11:50 CEST 2006

On Sat 08 Apr 2006 00:36, Miguel wrote:
> hi, i have a reporting system, this will perform intensive calculations,
> agregate functions etc using accounting data, so i dont want to run this
> system in the same server where the account is stored, i plan to use the
> sql_log/sql-relay combo, however i do need that the account data be
> stored online in the database running in the radius server, because i
> have triggers in the stoptable that  calculate the h323-credit-amount
> using a modified excelent peter nixon's voip schema.
> the line in radius.conf  says
> accounting {
> #
> #  Instead of sending the query to the SQL server,
> #  write it into a log file.
> #
> sql_log
> }
> cant i have both  sql account feature and sql_log at the same time?

Hi Miguel

I am glad you like my schema :-)

If you have any modifications that you think would be of general use to 
others, please report them back to me so that I can check them out.

I personally have not used sql_log in combination with sql however I see no 
reason why you wouldn't be able to use both at the same time.



Peter Nixon
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