Allow linking against OpenSSL? (Was Re: [GENERAL] Debian package for freeradius_postgresql module)

Tyler MacDonald tyler at
Sat Apr 8 21:54:30 CEST 2006

Nicolas Baradakis <nbk at> wrote:
> - Ask OpenSSL to remove the advertising clause from their license.

	This is the most compelling alternative on your list, since this
clause is the reason why all these other software packages have had to add
special clauses to their own licenses.

	Has this been attempted before, I wonder...

> I also note the current situation is really a minor problem for our
> users, because we're maintaining the necessary files to build the
> Debian packages in our CVS. Anybody can easily build a Debian package
> of the freeradius-postgresql module from a sources tarball with a
> single command line. (dpkg-buildpackage)

	I agree that it's still trivial to get freeradius-postgresql *onto*
a server, but I don't think that makes the problem minor. It requires that
the user has development tools installed on their server, which is not the
most secure thing to do. Either that, or they have to roll their own package
on one system and upload it to their server and maintain that separately
from the rest of their installation. This can have security implications
too, since the end user will have to manually keep an eye out for security
updates instead of just upgrading against

	So you provide a way of debianizing freeradius packages easily, even
ones that aren't included with debian. Given that, another alternative
(admittedly with it's own set of problems) would be an official freeradius
apt repository.


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