Allow linking against OpenSSL? (Was Re: [GENERAL] Debian package for freeradius_postgresql module)

Tyler MacDonald tyler at
Sat Apr 8 21:58:37 CEST 2006

Nicolas Baradakis <nbk at> wrote:
> Personally I really dislike the idea: FreeRADIUS code is released
> under the GPL and there is nothing wrong with that.

	You are right, there is nothing wrong with that. But is there
anything wrong with the FreeRADIUS code released under the GPL with an
additional clause allowing linking against OpenSSL, even as a temporary
measure until either OpenSSL fixes it's license or PostgreSQL supports gnu
TLS? I can't think of anybody or anything that would hurt, and it would have
the immediate practical benefit of allowing the freeradius-postgresql
package into the official debian repo.

		- Tyler

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