Allow linking against OpenSSL? (Was Re: [GENERAL] Debian package for freeradius_postgresql module)

Tyler MacDonald tyler at
Sat Apr 8 23:10:18 CEST 2006

Nicolas Baradakis <nbk at> wrote:
> > So you provide a way of debianizing freeradius packages easily, even
> > ones that aren't included with debian. Given that, another alternative
> > (admittedly with it's own set of problems) would be an official freeradius
> > apt repository.
> This doesn't solve anything. The problem is that such packages aren't
> distributable in binary form. If someone provides a repository, he
> becomes an outlaw. (exaggeratedly)

	*sigh* You're right. And I wouldn't want to suggest an "illegal" apt
repo either (although I've used ones in the past, like one that provides a
nice .deb full of win32 codec dlls for use with mplayer).

	It's rediculous that this is so simple to achieve technically, and
all products involved are being provided for free, yet there's still all
this beaurocratic red tape involved in getting them to play nice together...

		- Tyler

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