How do I set up simple AD integration?

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Wed Apr 12 10:45:02 CEST 2006

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> Hi Steve
> I've just completed an AD implementation of FreeRadius across two AD
> domains, One AD2003 in Native mode, and one AD2000 in mixed 
> mode. If you'd
> like any hints or tips, feel free to email me and I'll do 
> what i can to
> help.
> Stephen Walsh
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thanks for your kind offer of help. 

What I'm trying to achieve is to get 802.1x authentication working with FreeRadius passing off authentication to a Win2003 (Win 2000 mixed mode, soon to be 2003 native) DC.
When the user tried to connect to the network I can see his domain\username in the output of radiusd -A -X which (I think) suggests that the supplicant and client are setup correctly. There seems to be no attempt by the RADIUS server to contact a DC. I don't want to take too much of your time but would it be possible for you to send me any (suitably sanitized) configuration files you have customized ?

If this is unacceptable I'll send you details of what I've done so far.


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