Accessing REQUEST structure data outside FreeRADIUS module

Nicolas Castel nicolas.castel at
Wed Apr 12 16:00:58 CEST 2006

> Let me rewrite that:
> When you put the function into the same c language file as the rest of
> the module functions, all works fine.
> If that is correct, than I would suggest you are having an include file
> problem and/or a linking problem.
> If I am correct, there isnt much I can do without seeing your code other
> than suggest you duplicate what you do for the file that works and/or
> you examine other successfull built modules with multiple files and
> their build process.
> Of course, I could be very wide off the mark here.

I don't think it's an include problem, the compiler would have notice it.

The lib is statically linked to the module, i don't think it causes problems.

Here the compilation i used :

gcc -D_WCP_LOG_RADLOG_ -I/home1/appdata/frad0/dev/src/include
-I/appdata/frad0/freeradius-1.1.0/src/include -fPIC -DPIC -ansi -c
lib_com.c -o lib_com.o

ar -r lib_com.a lib_com.o rlm_wcp_lt_vms.o
	gcc -g -shared rlm_wcp_lt_vms.o -o -lc
-lpthread -L$(LIB_DIR) -lcom

If it could help ... It seems correct to me

The most surprising is that the lib function works fine with packet
address and not with the request address itself.

For the moment, i'll use the packet address as parameter but i would
prefer to use request one.

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