Proxy Question

Reynold McGuire rmcguire at
Fri Apr 21 14:22:59 CEST 2006

How's everyone doing?

I have a proxy question / problem.

I am attempting to get freeRadius to basically proxy via realm. This one
radius server is going to be the proxy to all other radius servers...

I am able to proxy correctly using the following in proxy.conf

Realm {
	type = radius
	authhose =
	accthost =
	secret = testing123

This works great for the apps that need / allow "username at" style

My problem is when using programs like MS PEAP authentication that wants to
pass the info as "\username"

I have read thru proxy.conf and radius.conf and looked at the ntdomain realm
and I can not seem to get it to see the "\username".

I am using IAS on an AD member server for authentication for another project
and it wants to authenticate users via "username at" as it is
sitting in the root of the AD (no users there) so you have to give it the

Long story short, 

How can I get freeRadius to see "\username" and convert that to
"username at" and proxy that off?

Thanks in advance.
- Reynold

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