Authentification with: login, password, SSID

ludovic cailleau ludoviccailleau at
Mon Apr 24 13:43:03 CEST 2006

Thanks a lot Phil Mayers
  My authentification with login, password, SSID run perfectly !!
  have a good day.

Phil Mayers <p.mayers at> a écrit :
  ludovic cailleau wrote:
> I already running the server in debugging mode. And he always xrite this 
> error: 
> Auth: Login incorrect: [vlan4/] (from client 
> localhost port 0)
> Fri Apr 21 09:01:50 2006 : Auth: Login incorrect: [vlan4/> User-Password attribute>] (from client symbol port 29 cli 
> 00:11:F5:3A:DC:37)

That is not debugging output. That is the ordinary logging. Go back and 
read the docs on how to run it in debugging mode (hint: "radiusd -X")

> You say: " And don't set "Auth-Type := EAP". The documentation also says
> that's wronh". But I don't understand. What I can put ?

Don't put anything. Don't set Auth-Type at all. The correct version of 
your original mail is:

vlan4 User-Password := "vlan4", Symbol-SSID == 'CRTguest'
Reply-Message = "Hello, %u"

Note: no Auth-Type, User-Password set with :=

If you are using eap, almost certainly your problem is that the inner 
EAP request does not have the Symbol-SSID attribute. Set the:

copy_request_to_tunnel = yes

...on the eap type in eap.conf - like so:

eap {
# rest of config
peap {
# rest of config
copy_reuest_to_tunnel = yes
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