Prepaid Bandwidth disconnections

Julius Igugu ofasa at
Thu Aug 3 16:03:55 CEST 2006

I don't know about cisco  PDSN but Mikrotik supports Recv-Limit and Xmit-Limit.  Check if your NAS supports something similar.  

I don't know about the possibility or using rlm_sql_counter for something similar to Max-All-Session-Time (Max-All-Session-Bytes?).

Michael da Silva Pereira <michael at> wrote:     Hi,
 I am currently  trying to setup a bandwidth prepaid realm, Whereby clients buy 1G, 2G, 10Gigs,  or watever. Then I need my radius server to disconnect these people as soon as  this number is hit, is there anyway to do this.
 I am running a cisco  PDSN as my NAS, I've already looked at session-timeouts, but my clients would be  annoyed being disconnected all the time.
 Michael da silva  pereira
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