Auth-Type discussion

Geoffroy Arnoud garnoud at
Mon Aug 7 09:10:16 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Maybe my mail will be out of the discussion, but we plan in middle term to migrate an existing AAA system from a commercial software to FreeRADIUS.
We already made a prototype to check the feasability (existing system performs authentication against Oracle database sotred procedures).

The result of our analysis is that Auth-Type, Post-Auth-Type and Acct-Type are interesting features. Actually, we have several types of users (local prepaid, local postpaid, users to proxy to their home AAA, and postpaid and prepaid users connecting from other networks, so RADIUS traffic is received from a partner AAA).
All authentication is planned to be done with custom modules, and in order to have good software maintenability, we plan to make 1 module per traffic type (local prepaid, local postpaid...) + 1 module for traffic identification. Therefore we are likely to use the Auth-Type (and thus Acct-Type) feature.

Knowing that Auth-Type is likely to disappear may not be good news for our forseen implementation.

Any comments will be welcome.


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