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Tue Aug 8 21:22:24 CEST 2006

Hello list,

I have 1 freeradius server doing 'authentication only' to different
types of backends:

user at realm1 -> freerad -> MS-AD1
user at realm2 -> freerad -> OpenLDAP
user at realm3 -> freerad -> other_radius
user at realm4 -> freerad -> MS-AD2

Now I want to add:

user at realm5 -> freerad -> MySQL

I do NOT administrate this MySQL database and I have just
'databasename + username field + password field' and I just have access
to this db to authenticate. Nothing more than that.

As I never played with the combination Freeradius/MySQL, I set up a
test server according to this documentation:

I set up a db with the db_mysql.sql file that comes with freeradius and
this server works perfectly well.

Two questions:

1) the sql.conf file is filled up with things I do not need, because the
MySQL db has no structure that corresponds to the sql.conf file. Can I
simply uncomment all lines I do not need?

2) in the accounting and authorize part of radiusd.conf there is an
entry "sql", but not in "authenticate" as where I'd expect such an
entry. Why is that?


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