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Tue Aug 15 17:32:55 CEST 2006

On Tue 15 Aug 2006 15:51, Igor Smitran wrote:
> > "Igor Smitran" <igor at> wrote:
> >> I have Mikrotik. It can export netflow data but i am not sure what
> >> freeradius can do with that?
> >
> >  Nothing.  You will need a netflow server.
> >
> >> Is it possible to have all netflow for that
> >> client inserted into database somehow? Please provide some URL because i
> >> am
> >> not sure what to search for.
> >
> >  "netflow server" ?
> >
> >  Alan DeKok.
> Yes, i know about cflowd and similar netflow tools. I was thinking that
> maybe there is some solution that can help me to insert flow data for
> particular user into database together with total octets in, octets out
> upon disconnect.

Aside from tinkering with FreeRADIUS code (and running a large number of 
production servers) I also tinker with and run pmacct which I highly 
recommend as a netflow/sflow solution. We have a number of deployments of 
both on the same Postgresql backend and as long as your DB server is specced 
correctly you shouldn't have any trouble.

My pmacct rpms are at:

And my FreeRADIUS rpms are at:

Integration of the 2 different sets of accounting data is left as an excercise 
to you :-)


Peter Nixon
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