openser and AD

Artur Hayne arturhayne at
Wed Aug 23 14:34:52 CEST 2006

Active Directory does not supply clear-text passwords to FreeRADIUS.
In many cases, Active Directory doesn't *have* the clear-text passwords.

  Digest authentication is impossible when the passwords are in Active
Directory.  Sorry.

> I see in some tutorials show how authenticate in a domain to use one
> tool called ntlm_auth, but it seams that only work with the mschap
> protocol, and the openser uses the digest.

  Yes.  ntlm_auth will not help you.

>   What to do? Any ideia? 

  Use another database, like OpenLDAP or MySQL.  Active Directory is
responsible for making Digest authentication impossible.

>   Its necessarily to do some configuration in the users or another files?

  No.  There is NOTHING you can do except use another database.

 The Openser , Active Directory and FreeRadius support TLS. Can I use it for solve my problem? Or is this a bad ideia?

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