Help to modify the reply list for accounting response packets.

Shankar Ganesh C shankarganesh at
Wed Aug 23 15:37:16 CEST 2006

Hi ,

Like to add some vendor speciifc parameters in the request list and the
reply list.
I have created the dictionary file for vendor specfic attributes and tested
it also with NTRadPing utitlity.

I understand from the document and manual that if i want this attributes to
be added to the Accounting response then i need to add this
attributes to the reply list.

But i do not know where and how to add this reply list could be modifed so
that it gets included in the accounting response.

Do i need to do some changes with the sql.conf ?

It whould be great help if some body could help me on this.

Thanks and regards
Shankar ganesh

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