Simultaneous-Use is not working

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Thu Aug 24 01:11:08 CEST 2006

Hello everyone.. Please help in this issue..

Im on freebsd 6.1, freeradius, chillispot, phpmyprepaid, all latest..and

Everything works good for me, I can create hourly accounts
monthly accounts, and on time it will stop..

But there is 1 big major problem.. Im able to use the same username
to log again and again from the same username and same online time..

I checked the radcheck in mysql i found Simultaneous-Use =1
(which is created by phpmyprepaid)
but its not working ??

I checked my radiusd.conf and found the follow:
(this is part of my radiusd.conf)

Please tell me if you need to see any file.PLEASE.

        #  This file is used mainly for Simultaneous-Use checking,
        #  and also 'radwho', to see who's currently logged in.
        radutmp {
                #  Where the file is stored.  It's not a log file,
                #  so it doesn't need rotating.
                filename = /var/log/radutmp
                #  The field in the packet to key on for the
                #  'user' name,  If you have other fields which you want
                #  to use to key on to control Simultaneous-Use,
                #  then you can use them here.
                #  Note, however, that the size of the field in the
                #  'utmp' data structure is small, around 32
                #  characters, so that will limit the possible choices
                #  of keys.
                #  You may want instead: %{Stripped-User-Name:-%{User-Name}}
                username = %{User-Name}

                #  Whether or not we want to treat "user" the same
                #  as "USER", or "User".  Some systems have problems
                #  with case sensitivity, so this should be set to
                #  'no' to enable the comparisons of the key attribute
                #  to be case insensitive.
                case_sensitive = yes
               #  Accounting information may be lost, so the user MAY
                #  have logged off of the NAS, but we haven't noticed.
                #  If so, we can verify this information with the NAS,
                #  If we want to believe the 'utmp' file, then this
                #  configuration entry can be set to 'no'.
                check_with_nas = yes

                # Set the file permissions, as the contents of this file
                # are usually private.
                perm = 0600

                callerid = "yes"

        # "Safe" radutmp - does not contain caller ID, so it can be
        # world-readable, and radwho can work for normal users, without
        # exposing any information that isn't already exposed by who(1).
        # This is another 'instance' of the radutmp module, but it is given
        # then name "sradutmp" to identify it later in the "accounting"
        # section.
        radutmp sradutmp {
                filename = ${logdir}/sradutmp
                perm = 0644
                callerid = "no"

        # attr_filter - filters the attributes received in replies from
        # proxied servers, to make sure we send back to our RADIUS client
        # only allowed attributes.
        attr_filter {
                attrsfile = ${confdir}/attrs

Thank you,

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