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Guy Fraser guy at
Fri Aug 25 17:19:37 CEST 2006

That used to work in dialup_admin, I have not worked with it 
in a long time. The last time I attempted to test 
dialup_admin, it seemed more difficult to get working than it
had been in the past when I was helping with it. I did not 
spend much time trying to figure out what was causing the 
problem. I was on a dead line, and I knew it would need 
extensive modifications to do what we needed, so I built 
something totally different from scratch.

Authenticating users is not terribly difficult using PHP.

Are your users accounts stored in a DB or somewhere else ?

I can possibly provide a snippet of code you can use to 
authenticate your users, then you just need to build an 
HTML table from one or more SQL queries.

There are public domain resources that can do most or all 
of those tasks with PEAR modules.

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