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yes im using mysql backend and dialu[_admin on ppp server.

On 8/25/06, Guy Fraser <guy at> wrote:
> That used to work in dialup_admin, I have not worked with it
> in a long time. The last time I attempted to test
> dialup_admin, it seemed more difficult to get working than it
> had been in the past when I was helping with it. I did not
> spend much time trying to figure out what was causing the
> problem. I was on a dead line, and I knew it would need
> extensive modifications to do what we needed, so I built
> something totally different from scratch.
> Authenticating users is not terribly difficult using PHP.
> Are your users accounts stored in a DB or somewhere else ?
> I can possibly provide a snippet of code you can use to
> authenticate your users, then you just need to build an
> HTML table from one or more SQL queries.
> There are public domain resources that can do most or all
> of those tasks with PEAR modules.
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