Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Sat Aug 26 22:09:18 CEST 2006


I know this is new, and not yet documented, but I saw some good posts about 
it being stable, so I'm looking at implementing it at the moment... But 
alas, I'm confused and the lack of documentation is not helping.

doc/rlm_sqlippool states:
The only required fields are, pool_name and ip_address. A pool consists
of one or more rows in the table with the same pool_name and a different
ip_address. The is no restriction on which ip addresses/ranges may be in
the same pool, and addresses do not need to be concurrent.

Yet, raddb/sqlippool.conf, makes absolutely NO sense to me at the moment at 
all, and there is WAY more than merely a pool name and a IP address 
referenced in the queries...  I understand that there is some unique 
elements required in the table to indicate that a IP is allocated, and to 
know where the IP is allocated (and obviously to release that IP once the 
session terminates).

Can someone perhaps please just take a moment to explain what exactly is 
going on in those queries??  I'm not referring to the SQL as such, but 
rather as to what is updated, and why.  A table structure accompanying those 
queries in sqlippool.conf may help significantly as well, as I'm guessing at 
the moment what needs to go where :(


PS: FR 1.1.3, is the NAS tables being used yet in this release?? 
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