Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Sat Aug 26 23:48:54 CEST 2006

"Chris Knipe" <savage at savage.za.org> wrote:
> I know this is new, and not yet documented, but I saw some good
> posts about it being stable, so I'm looking at implementing it at
> the moment... But alas, I'm confused and the lack of documentation
> is not helping.

  Well, yes.  I've spent 5 minutes looking at it, and got the basic
idea of "SQL" and "IP pools". :)

> Can someone perhaps please just take a moment to explain what
> exactly is going on in those queries??  I'm not referring to the SQL
> as such, but rather as to what is updated, and why.  A table
> structure accompanying those queries in sqlippool.conf may help
> significantly as well, as I'm guessing at the moment what needs to
> go where :(

  The general idea is to... grab IP's from a pool, based on a unique
key.  If an allocated IP for that key doesn't exist, then a free IP is
taken, and the key written to the table.

  As for additional elements in the queries, the schema was changed
from the original one, so the queries might be old.

  But you're right, it really needs a flow diagram, with explanations
of what happens when.

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