FreeRADIUS and Postgres annoyance

Santiago Balaguer García santiagoawa at
Tue Aug 29 13:11:06 CEST 2006

Anyway, in some aspect freeradius can improve.
I use nas table and it works fine. Obviously, I must reboot my RADIAS 
servers when I insert a new NAS client and it is a problem.

I afirm that 'realm' table is userless. I trid to configure lot of times 
without success.

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>I have the nas table working.  Here's what you might need to know:
>1) You don't configure it in radiusd.conf, you configure it in sql.conf --
>look at the last few lines of the sample.
>2) The documentation is wrong.  Look at the sql query and the schema of the
>table.  They don't agree.  I wrote my query to match my needs and made the
>schema match that.
>3) You must still have at least one entry in the clients.conf file.  I just
>put in a dummy for the local machine.
>4) On boot, FreeRadius starts before PostgreSQL is ready sometimes.  So, I
>put a delay in the FreeRadius start.  I'll do something better later.
>Now if I can get the radius.log written to sql instead of a file, I'll be
>100% sql which is what I really need.
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>Sorry guys, my fault.. mainly permissions problems on the relevant
>tables in postgres.
>Although I haven't got the nas table working yet though, so pointers
>there will help..
>(moral of the story, tcpdump -w out.dmp -A -nvi eth0 -s0 port 5432
>plus ethereal is a good thing.)
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