no Client-IP-Address in packet

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Wed Aug 30 13:33:23 CEST 2006

Mitaine Yoann wrote:
> Dear everybody,
> I've installed the radius 's CVS version of 08-23-06.
> I've this architecture :
>     client < ====> AP <====> Radius A <====> Radius B
>                                        802.1X  
>                            proxying
> The client does not have adress of IP, it recover his IP address by the 
> DHCP server installed in radius server A, after being authenticated.
> I'm doing an EAP/TTLS authentication.

Client-IP-Address refers to the client of the radius server, not the 
client of the NAS

> When I proxied  the request from to server A to the server B, there wasn't
> Client-IP-Address in the packet.

Client-IP-Address is added by the preprocess module. Have you removed 
this from "authorize"? If so, don't do that.

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