Graham Beneke graham at apolix.co.za
Thu Aug 31 15:24:43 CEST 2006

Guy Fraser wrote:
> There is also some "documentation" in the config file.
Most of that is specifically related to sqlcounter for time based billing
> I believe this has been discussed many times and there should 
> be some information in the archives. Have you Googled for it?
I have indeed - and everything I have come up with has been questions... 
with no answers. From the mailing list archives as well.
> Once you figure it out, maybe you wouldn't mind contributing 
> some better documentation for rlm_sqlcounter to the project.
> I am sure future implementers would appreciate it.
I figured last night that I should probably do this in the end - think 
I'm gonna have to sit with the source and figure out the solution myself.

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