ntlm fall-through

Stieven.Struyf at komatsu.eu Stieven.Struyf at komatsu.eu
Tue Dec 19 11:01:22 CET 2006

Does anyone know how i can configure ntlm fall-through, eg. try to 
authenticate the user local (via password entry in users file) and if the 
user isn't found use ntlm-auth(or first ntlm and afterwards userfile is 
also ok)?
If i comment out the ntlm-auth line in the mschap section of radiusd.conf 
the user is authenticate local.

I searched the archives and found the same question below, but no answer 
to the problem.

Anyone who can help me with this?


Stieven Struyf
M.I.S. Division - System Operations 
Komatsu Europe International NV
Mechelsesteenweg 586
B-1800 Vilvoorde
Stieven.Struyf at komatsu.eu
Tel. +32 (0)2 2552551
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