How to kick a logged user

Eduardo Bejar wonka at
Mon Feb 6 17:47:38 CET 2006


I´ve been searching a while about how to kick a logged user or force
terminate it´s session. It seems that this has been asked before on the
list, but I didn´t find an answer different from "radius can´t do that". The
only answer that I´ve found is that it´s required an external script for

Section 4.3 of the Freeradius FAQ mentions a radkill program, but the link
included is dead. And also says "try using SNMP". I haven´t also been able
to find information on how to use SNMP for this, so I ask the list:

Can anyone post a link to download radkill?


Can anyone explain me how to do this with SNMP?

Or perhaps,

Can anyone post a procedure to kick a logged user?

Thanks for your replies,


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