How to kick a logged user

Guy Fraser guy at
Mon Feb 6 20:53:05 CET 2006

On Mon, 2006-06-02 at 11:47 -0500, Eduardo Bejar wrote:
> Hi,
> I´ve been searching a while about how to kick a logged user or force
> terminate it´s session. It seems that this has been asked before on the
> list, but I didn´t find an answer different from "radius can´t do that". The
> only answer that I´ve found is that it´s required an external script for
> this.
> Section 4.3 of the Freeradius FAQ mentions a radkill program, but the link
> included is dead. And also says "try using SNMP". I haven´t also been able
> to find information on how to use SNMP for this, so I ask the list:
> Can anyone post a link to download radkill?
> Or
> Can anyone explain me how to do this with SNMP?
> Or perhaps,
> Can anyone post a procedure to kick a logged user?
> Thanks for your replies,
> Edo

It depends entirely on your NAS. Radius is not designed to kick 
off users. Check the documentation for your NAS. The radkill 
script was designed to work with Livingston Portmasters and does 
not work with many other products, but may be a good place to 
start to build your own. We rarely needed to kick users off, 
and when we did we just logged into the NAS and booted them from 
there. I looked into it briefly for Cisco 5248 and determined 
that by setting the interface administratively down would boot 
the user, then setting it back to up would allow it to accept 
access again. The tricky part was matching the user to the 
interface so you would kick the right user.

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