A little problem - FR with Mysql Stored Procedure

Saeed Ahmed saeed at n-g-c.com
Thu Feb 9 14:26:41 CET 2006

Thanks for reply,
I wrote 
authorize_check_query= "call proc_name....";

This is ok, but to get it in action, I mean without errors, I need to edit
mysql_real_connect() I thought I could change it in


There I found mysql_real_connect() in 
static int sql_init_socket() function

I edited mysql_real_connect(), by putting CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS in it.

Cd freeradius-1.0.5
Make install

But there was no effect. Even I made some syntax errors in sql_mysql.c but
stil there was no effect, It seems that I didn't compiled well or freeradius
don't use sql_mysql.c file.

need more help plzz


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Saeed Ahmed wrote:
> Means I need to use CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS in mysql_real_connect(), so, 
> for now, I just need this little guidance that which file should I edit 
> to get SP working with Freeradius.
>I would think that sql.conf would be the place to start. After that I 
>would guess you would have to prod around rlm_sql if you are returning 
>an array or result set if rlm is expecting someting else.

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