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San san_sar at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 19:14:18 CET 2006

Hi Alan,

Thanks a lot for your help to explain this to me.

> oh. generally you do all the accounting and pre-paid
> stuff and timing of sessions etc on the SERVER. all
> the
> required bits are already there. various rlm_*
> modules
> that can interface nicely to a database backend etc.

But I still have this puzzle inside my head :)
My scenario is that the client will do some
meassurement after it receive access_accept from
server. I think I can trigger this by writing shell
script when the packet access_accept received. (am i

Second question :
How do I learn to use the command line to run client?
I just using this command to send access_request for
user name Maria, 

# echo "User-Name = Maria, User-Password = testing" |
radclient auth testing123

How do I find other command to start and stop
I think I can use the same command like above just
change the auth become acct.
But the problem is how do i tell the server that I
want to stop the acct session? 

> > And for the process interaction that i want to see
> > (between client and server) is for example the
> case of
> > session timeout.
> > How do i see if the client sending the message to
> the
> > server.How do I make untill all of these
> information
> > show in let say tcpdump.
> you can see the stuff with tcpdump (in the usual
> way) but there
> are special filters for RADIUS in ethereal package -
> which some
> people prefer to use when looking at the network
> stuff. you
> could look at the server end still - since you can
> see all the
> into that the server sends and that the server
> receives. if
> you have a problem with the network so that packets
> dont arrive
> than thats another issue altogether.
> > In the debug out (when i run radiusd -X) it only
> > written 
> > 
> > "Nothing to do.  Sleeping until we see a request."
> ah. if you are ONLY seeing this and yet you are
> trying to run the radclient
> on another box...then the packets arent arriving to
> the server. in this
> case perhaps there is a firewall in the way (usual
> suspect and reason).
> if you have misconfigured the client/server
> relationship (wrong passphrase
> etc) then you would see info...and it would tell
> you!
> alan

I finally make progres so the server send this
access-Accept to the client.  

Sending Access-Accept of id 131 to
        Framed-Protocol = PPP
        Session-Timeout = 600
        Login-Service = Telnet
        Idle-Timeout = 360

But why the session-TImeout is not working? 
I already set this attributes in users file. seems no
sign that it works.
How do I see if the time already passed, the client
will be disconnected from server?

Sorry for long questions. I really apreciate if you
want to answer them.

Have a great weekend


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