setting up on shared hosting webhost service

eric at eric at
Tue Feb 21 07:17:09 CET 2006

1st: I'm a newb to freeradius - not to the world...
I have successfully installed freeradius with experiemental modules (for
using mysql) on a mandrake mandriva 10.2 machine on my local lan... I got
my scripts to work flawlessly... I uploaded my modified scripts to my
webhost and nothing...

I called my webhost (I am a reseller for them, and they are in my home
town) and talked them into installing freeradius onto the servers my sites
are located on. Shared webhost... I am not sure how they are limiting my
virtual host server to just the /home/myuserid/ directory but that is the
limnit of where I can see... I do not have root access, I can ssh, but
only to the /home/userid and down thru my individual accounts cpanels and

I have modified clients.conf and sql.conf to appropriate settings - I
think... what am I missing? any ideas or tips I can relay to my webhost on
setting up freeradius? It is a bit difficult and burdomsome on my webhost
to have to physically modify or change the clients.conf each time I add a
new client or access point in my network, plus how do I ensure my radius
access to my "localhost" mysql databases within my hosting account are
talking to eachother? I think there are some issues connecting as the
radius server is installed on the webhost server - my personal site, abeit
has a private ip, actually runs from the /home/myuserid/public_html/ on
the server... further, some of the other domains I own or have sold and
set up corresponding dns and webhosting space with cpanels for on the same
server do not have private ip's (I can of course add them on to the
service I am buying from the webhost for a minimal fee) - but currently
they are shared ips... is there anyway to use freeradius on shared ips and
still be able to keep individual virtual hosts seperate? if I need
dedicated hosting and a box of my own to run this in the real world that
would just add several thousand dollars of cost to my overall deplopyment
and long term maintenance contracts in a co-lo somewhere... currently my
webhost's servers are at a co-lo in dallas...

ideas, tips and tricks to make it work are VERY welcomed...
thanks in advance - Eric at

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