Disconnect the user if reach the limit

Yudi Wijaya yudiw at centrin.net.id
Tue Feb 21 11:41:14 CET 2006

Hello debik,

I create HotSpot system with MikroTik, FreeRADIUS + MySQL

But i have problem :

How to disconnect user when reach the usage limit (ex: 50
hours, 50 MBytes)? depends on they prepaid registration, so it will
stored at RADIUS (MySQL Database). Everyone can register via web based

hmmm.. if it possible, how to give user information when they reach
the limit like "Time's Up", etc.

Does it using RadKill ? but, actually i don't know how to use it.

thanks before..

Best regards,
 Yudi Wijaya

Best regards,
 Yudi                            mailto:yudiw at centrin.net.id

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