Duplicate entries and incorrect accounting and authorization (Cont'd)

bdab at hushmail.com bdab at hushmail.com
Thu Feb 23 21:51:17 CET 2006

>> Basically I've got duplicate entries in radpostauth, no entries 
>> radacct and the NAS does not recognize the successful 
>> authentication even though from the radius server point of view 
>> seems to get authentication right.

>  Then either the reply is coming from an IP that the NAS doesn't
>  like, or the shared secret is wrong.

>  Once you get the NAS to accept the response from the server, the
>  duplicate entries in will disappear, and accounting will start.

>  I suggest using 'tcpdump' on the network to see what's going on 
>  the RADIUS packets.  Look at src/dst IP's...

>  Alan DeKok.


Thank you for your response. As you pointed out, by watching 
tcpdump outcome I see no Radius Responses coming back to the NAS (I 
do see Radius Requests going out the NAS though). The shared secret 
is fine and I use chillispot with the right configuration (pointing 
at the right radius server). Also, I did not introduce any changes 
at the NAS side from my previous working version. All changes were 
introduced at the Radius server side. Any more suggestions?

Thanks again,


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