Solaris 8 - radiusd: Cannot find ELF

Mike Becker mike.j.becker at
Fri Feb 24 00:31:50 CET 2006

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  Mr Google did know the 

The problem is solved when using SUNWbtool's /usr/ccs/bin/strip instead 
of GNU strip. GNU strip is likely located in /usr/local/bin. Make sure 
that /usr/ccs/bin is located before /usr/local/bin in your PATH and run 
make install:

PATH=/usr/ccs/bin:$PATH make install

What a pain?!?  For the "configure", you initially have to have your 
system variables set as,

export PATH
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
CC=gcc; export CC

For the "make", I had to specify "/usr/ccs/bin/make" (not 

Before running "make install", change your PATH to,

root at TE-Radius# echo $PATH

I vi'd my /usr/local/etc/raddb/radiusd.conf file to un-#

passwd = /etc/passwd
shadow = /etc/shadow
group = /etc/group

Now it starts up as,

root at TE-Radius# radiusd
Thu Feb 23 18:01:50 2006 : Info: Starting - reading configuration files ...

Whew...finally!!  It starts up without the "Cannot find ELF" message.  
It appears to be running.  I hope these notes help another Solaris user 
out there.  That Google guy is purdy smert.  Now, does it actually work...

Thank you,
-Mike Becker

Alan DeKok wrote:

>Mike Becker <mike.j.becker at> wrote:
>>root at TE-Radius# radiusd
>>radiusd: Cannot find ELF
>  It looks like a tool chain problem on Solaris.  Search for "cannot
>find elf" in google.  You'll see lots of links.
>  Alan DeKok.
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