Stale sessions problem

Georgi Alexandrov georgi.alexandrov at
Sat Feb 25 09:40:30 CET 2006

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Georgi Alexandrov <georgi.alexandrov at> wrote:
>>If a user that somehow failed network connectivity and failed to tell
>>the server "account stop" tries to reconnect back it won't let him
>>because his previous session is stalled. I need a mechanism that will do
>>a check upon connection if the session is stalled, delete it and let the
>>user in or if there is already a real user logged in deny the connecting
>>I read from the mailing lists that radzap should do the job but i can't
>>seem to figure out how to integrate it in that setup (the man page
>>explains only the syntax).
>   radzap calls radwho to query radutmp and generates an accounting
> stop message.
>   You can query your SQL database and generate accounting stop
> messages, too.
>   Alan DeKok.
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Ehlo Alan,

how could one know from the database (radacct i suppose) if a user
session i stalled or he's actually online?

Georgi Alexandrov

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